6 Resume Styling Mistakes You’ve Probably Made

6 Resume Styling Mistakes You've Probably Made

Aiming to make our resumes stand out, we often turn it into an application that includes various styling mistakes. Seeing that the main goal of your resume is to impress employers with your skills, you surely need to learn how to avoid the most common resume blunders.

The goal of your resume is to display qualities and catch the recruiter’s eye. If you want to achieve this without overdoing it, do your best to avoid these 6 mistakes:

1. Use an Artsy Template

Your resume is not the place to be artsy or creative. The first impression is very important when it comes to recruiters and resumes, which is why you must find a simple, yet professional template to use. Printing out your resume onto a colorful paper is a definite no, as many recruiters say.

2. Write in Small Font Size

It’s simple – a good resume cannot be impossible to read! When a hiring manager has to spend valuable time trying to read your resume, they are very likely to throw it in the trash before giving you a chance.

The recommended font size is 11 or bigger. Even when the resume is too long, decreasing the font size is definitely not the best option.

3. Include a Photo

Except in cases where you are applying for a beauty pageant, do not include a photo to your resume! There is no reason whatsoever to show the employer what you look like.

Discrimination based on resume photos in the past made this a major faux pas. Statistics actually say that even 88% of resumes that include a photo are thrown in the trash almost immediately.

4. Use Too Many Bullet Points

Bullet points per job description should be limited to five. More than this is too much and seeing that hiring managers need short and concise resumes to be able to look into every applicant, you simply must limit your descriptions as much as possible.

5. Make the Resume too Long or too Short

Do not delete impressive, unique achievements for the goal of making your resume shorter. If you are an incredible candidate for the job, select the best experiences and stop limiting the resume to one page.

Don’t make the resume too long, either. There is actually no rule for the resume length, but remember that the hiring committee has only few minutes to spend on every applicant before choosing which one will be invited to an interview.

6. Does not Accept Help

Some people are not good at writing and even though this has not been a problem before, being unable to craft a good resume can completely ruin your chances of getting a job. Therefore, start doing everything yourself. If you cannot write your resume well, hire the best resume writing service and ask them to do this instead.

We all desire to stand out among all other applicants for a job. However, good experience, education and qualifications are simply not enough. Crafting a brilliant resume is your best tool to get to the top.

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