All those popular names like the DailyMail and Metro mentioned on the website give it their own kind of flair. Being featured on such websites certainly makes a visitor more confident about ordering from a service. But, when it comes to ads that are usually paid and a service that has as low reputation as this one, you should definitely think twice before rushing into an order.

At the beginning, it all sounded and looked perfect. You get great, high-rated CV at an affordable rate. But, after we read about the company outside of the attractive website, we got an entirely different impression. Keep reading to see what we discovered in our evaluation.

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The Range of Writing Services

For every career and experience level there are two options offered – a CV or a package. The latter is more expensive than the first one, but it contains more products. If you choose a package, you get a CV, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile service. This is all good, but the fact is, you can’t order the remaining services separately from this website. The only thing that comes as a separate service is a CV.

Moreover, the service list here isn’t at all attractive when we compare it to other companies. There aren’t many services that people need when they apply for work, such as thank you or follow up letters. There isn’t even a resume service!

In terms of career and experience levels you have four options:

  • Early career CV (0- 3 years of experience)
  • The next step CV (3-10 years of experience)
  • Advanced career CV (10+ years of experience)
  • Specialist CV (for niche professions)

There are also many limitations here. They don’t have a ‘change profession’ offer or federal and military CV offer. In other words, can only be used by a limited amount of people. Pricing and Discount Policy

The prices really aren’t expensive, but based on the reputation, they aren’t great. For example, if you have zero to little experience and need the first package or service, you’ll pay between £25 and £70 based on whether you want a CV or more items. For the second, ‘the next step’ option, the cost ranges between £45 and £85. Advanced career CV and package cost £55 and £90, respectively. Finally, a specialist CV costs £175 or £195 based on which option you choose.

These prices come with no discounts, so don’t expect anything lower. Discounts aren’t common for resume companies since they aren’t used on regular basis (if the service has done a good job), so we aren’t surprised. We are, however, surprised by the lack of services and deadline options.

PurpleCV has two fixed deadline options – 2 days for the first three service types, and 5 days for specialist CV and package. Thankfully, the differences between the individual CV service and the packages is small, which makes it more convenient for most to go for the package option.

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Quality of PurpleCV

For a company that says ‘no templates used’, they certainly look like one that does the exact opposite. We provided the writer with an old CV he was supposed to freshen and make more professional. We added some typos to see if they edit the CVs.

The results were really not good. The resume came in 2 days, which means that their deadlines are safe. However, most of the typos remained, plus there were some new ones. The resume looked like a template and wasn’t edited or proofread at all. The worst part about it was, it wasn’t even formatted properly after our data was added to the template. Basically, it was money poorly spent. Guarantees

On the homepage, we found a mention of a 100% satisfaction guarantee. But, this is only a mention – it isn’t explained anywhere on the website. We even checked the privacy policy and terms and conditions to see how it works.

Apparently, it doesn’t. Someone added the guarantee details there to make the company sound more attractive. Since we asked them to do something because of the poor CV quality, we know this for sure. They didn’t provide anything that would serve as a guarantee – not a refund, not a rewrite.


The support was responsive and pleasant to talk to, but only up until the point where we asked them to do something about the CV. They said that they can’t do anything and the CV ‘looks fine’ to them. When we mentioned the satisfaction guarantee, we were told that we aren’t eligible for it.

Apparently, the satisfaction guarantee is determined by the company only, not the actual satisfaction of the customers. At this point, we aren’t even sure if you’ll get a refund if they send your package late.


PurpleCV has been a huge disappointment. They looked so great when you check the site, but our experience was the exact opposite. Bad CV quality, incompetent writers, templates for CVs, and no guarantees. We were also disappointed by their service list since it excluded many of the things needed for job applications. The list was also very limited in terms of people that can order a CV, all of which makes this service a poor choice to order your CVs from.

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Date published: 08/02/2019
3 / 5 stars