promises to ‘double your interviews’. When we saw this statement, we could not do but wonder – does this mean that the company doesn’t offer interview guarantees? To find this out, we looked into all features of the service. Our TopResume review will show you what we learned about their prices, quality of services, customer service, and of course, guarantees. review

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Range of Services

The list of services here is very limited. Customers can choose from 3 packages only, and all these consist of only few products.

You can choose the ‘Professional growth’ package which interestingly, is not really a package but a single product – resume. Even though they mention this resume is professionally written and formatted, this still does not make for a package. services

The other two are actually packages. The ‘Career evolution’ consists of ‘everything you need to apply for jobs, including resume and a cover letter’. However, this is also very vague and strange since, if this package contains everything you need to apply, why would you go for the highest priced package?

The highest priced package is the ‘Executive priority’ package, containing a resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. Unfortunately, even this package is very limited, even though its price is very steep. Review: Pricing and Discount Policy

The starting price at Top Resume is $149, which is not an extremely high price for a package. However, considering that this so-called ‘package’ only contains a single resume, this fact makes the price unreasonably high! Fortunately, you can split the payment into three rates.

‘Career evolution’ costs almost double the price of the first and according to TopResume reviews, this package actually consists of only two products – resume and cover letter. Once again, a price of $219 is excessively steep for such a limited offer, especially since the description of the package makes customers believe that there is much more to the package than these two products.

And finally, the ‘executive priority’ package comes at a price of $349, which is the highest price you will pay for this service. Apparently, this package contains only plus one service than the second one, and that is the LinkedIn profile. So, basically, you are paying extra $130 for this feature, which is a ridiculous price!

Quality of Top Resume Service

We decided to opt for the second package and see what the company meant by ‘everything you need’. Unfortunately, our experience only confirmed what feedback online suggested – this package has only two products in it. Once you realize this, you see that it is quite obvious – why would you pay for the ‘executive priority’ package if this option offered all the features you need to apply for a job?

Unfortunately, the quality of resume and cover letter was not worth the high price we paid. Even though it was solid, the company basically used all the information we gave them in a template and delivered it to us. The cover letter also looked like a finished format where they only put our specific qualifications.


You will not find a guaranteed page on the, but the company actually has one beneficial guarantee – free rewrite if you do not get 2 interviews within 60 days after delivery. Still, even though the company offers this for not one, but two interviews, there are many services that actually provide a money-back guarantee in case you are not called for an interview.


You can reach the service within working hours, on the phone number or the contacting form. They do reply, but it takes them over 24 hours, which means that this is not the company you reach when you have urgent requests.

Once we got in touch with their agent, she kindly provided us with detailed information about the packages.

Overall, TopResume is not a great choice for your job application. They have a limited and very misleading list of service packages. Even if you think their pricing is cheap, you will understand that it is extremely high when you look into the limited services included in these packages. And most importantly, the quality of resumes is not high, which is essential for a resume writing service to be good.

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Date published: 09/05/2017
3 / 5 stars


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